Some of the wood I use.


This is a camphor vase my dad started to work on and never got fnished. Nice large size.

Cedar (Red middle)

I guess a diffrent type of cedar where only the red is middle. The pen holder is made out of this.

Cedar (Red throughout)

Nice and dry cedar. It was a huge tree that we cut down and this is the remining pieces left after cutting boards from the rest of it.


Cherry trees we cut down, then the logs that were part of it. THey were very tall and there are more logs- Most went to boards


They are cut in the form of gunstocks. The man who was making gunstocks had passed away and we bought a truckload. Very hard wood.


Leftover piece of a bigger log.


Logs of oak from a tree that was cut down


Some good sized limbs of pecan


Fresh cut logs! Very nice size! In the process of srying out.